Perch – Wine & Coffee Bar

Completed: July 2015

Location: New Delhi, India

Site area: 180 sqm

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar was envisaged to be an oasis of delectable tranquility in the bustle of Delhi’s iconic Khan Market. Conceived around a large and well-curated selection of both beverages, its culinary offerings emphasise clean flavours, simple techniques and seasonal freshness. Meant to be both a place for idyllic repose as well as one of quick replenishment, the all-day bar makes room for solitude as well as social convivality. The lower floor has  high-stool seating along shared ledge counters and a communal log table arranged for a view of the tree-lined storefronts below and to encourage the odd conversation between strangers. The upper floor is populated with couches, wide dining chairs for more intimate dining. Perch’s design attempts to create an environment that revives various affinities: between taste and fragrance, craft and nature and amongst people.