The Ring (T)Rail Project

“The Ring (T)Rail Project” reclaims a portion of the underutilised rail corridor as a “human-powered” urban space. It puts forth the idea of creating a safe pedestrian and bicycle precinct, abuzz with urban activities rapidly losing their legitimate place in an increasingly car-centric city. The project also seeks to legitimise street-vending and other informal sector activities within the zone, recognizing their valuable contribution to the city economy and culture. The informal sector cooperatives and their members are further empowered through an “information cloud” accessed through basic mobile and web technology.The project seeks enhance our engagement with the city; to create a precinct close to the city’s centre that would potentially be close to its heart. The Ring is a 32km long ambit and is traversed by a variety of arterial roads, metro lines and rapid transit corridors at short intervals. Since it was originally laid as a goods shunting line, these mass transit corridors cross the Ring as overpasses or underpasses, Its conversion into a safe non-motorised transit corridor would provide safe inter-modal connectivity. It would be a connecting corridor with zero-conflict and zeroemissions.