Interstice House

Category: Unbuilt Projects

Location: New Delhi, India

Interstice is an endeavor to explore interstitial spaces and bring in a new way of living, one that is without borders. Since modern tenements lay undue stress on privacy and closed living, Interstice creates a space that upholds communal environ without comprising on personal spaces. The residential spaces are ensconced in a structural Eco-skeleton zigzag between the two introverted vegetal facades irrigated by harvested rainwater. Because of its meandering structure, an internal area and lot of interstitial spaces are created. Each flat is made to look distinct from the other and the only common factor in each is the asymmetrical dimensions and openness. Since the interiors are full of sharp turns and interesting angles, it would be quite a task to arrange furniture and accessories in the room, truly a tribute to post-modernism.